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The Culligan water plant in Brockville’s north end is expanding it’s operations. The Brockville location distributes their water internally to other Culligan dealers. Currently the water filling machine at Culligan is 2 bottles wide, which can produce 240 bottles an hour. The new machine, which is 5 bottles wide, will produce 1000 bottles an hour. The new technology is not only faster, but will also be more accurate. With the new bottling capabilities, Culligan will be able to expand its distribution area.

There are 5 offices in Eastern Ontario: Brockville, Kingston, Cornwall, Pembroke and Ottawa. The Brockville location acts the central hub to the other locations. There are around 50 other locations across Canada. Although the Brockville location is part of the Culligan company, it is privately owned. The current location of Culligan is 240 Waltham Road. It was previously located on Central Avenue until 1996.

To get the facility ready for the expanded production, Chevron had to make many improvements to the building. In the west production area a new raised slab and trench grading were installed to support three new water tanks. The 12’ diameter by 14’ high tanks were installed, along with the pipe bridging necessary for the services.

In the east production area another raised concrete slab was installed to hold the new bottling machine. The entire production area received new paint, lighting and electrical service.

Because of the increased water demand for production, modifications to the outside of the facility were also needed. After a locate was performed to find the water and sewer lines, the sanitary sewer was fully replaced and a new 4” water line was installed. The new water line was necessary to increase the water capacity.

Plant owner, says it has been “incredible working with Chevron. Jim, Maynard, Vicki and the rest of the crew have made it a very positive experience.” He noted that Chevron was flexible and made the project go incredibly smooth.