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Iroquois Plaza

September 18th marked the official grand opening of the Iroquois Plaza. The day was full of celebrations all over the town including a farmers market, face painting, magic shows, musical entertainment, square dancing, Junkyard Symphony show and a historical display. Chevron Construction had a float in the 38-vehicle parade that went down the streets of Iroquois and ended at the plaza where the ribbon cutting ceremony was held. At the ceremony Jim Annable unveiled an anchor that was donated by Chevron Construction. The anchor was recovered from the west side of Canada Island, near Morrisburg, by Dave Bigelow. It is from a sailing vessel believed to be of the late 1800’s vintage. The stock (the bar at the top) was not bent to aid in its setting in the bottom. The anchor is in remarkable condition. All of the original locks for the stock are still in place, as well as the square head nails used to lock it in place. In addition, the original rode (rope) is still fastened to its ring. Chevron began the revitilization of the plaza early last summer, finishing up in the fall. This was the first renovation on the plaza since it opened in 1959. It was one of the first shopping plaza’s built in Canada. The project included adding a new canopy, electrical, sidewalks, courtyard, signs and parking lot lines. Because there were so many merchants involved with the project, a representative was chosen. Jeff Beaupre from Beaupre Jewellers sat in on all of the jobsite meetings along with representatives from South Dundas Township and members of the Chevron construction team.